Server Address

    • This is the primary address.
      • This address points to Osaka if you are in mainland China.
      • If you are outside of mainland China, this points to Tokyo directly.
    • If you are in mainland China and experience lag, try the above-mentioned address.
      • This domain uses SRV record.
      • If your network does not support SRV record, try

Client Version

  • Just use 1.14.4.



  • I got stuck in AR and don’t know how to get back to survival server
    • Do /server es
  • What is the selection tool for residence?
    • Stick. For more info see wiki
  • What warps are there in the survival server?
    • Do /warp to bring up the GUI for warps
  • How to delete homes
    • Do /homes and then follow instructions in the GUI.