After 4 years… I finally decided to upgrade this website… (It was still showing 1.8!

The reason the website was never updated is that all pages were just individual HTML files and I had to manually code every single one of them, which was both a stupid and demotivating task. Even implementing basic functions such as showing recent announcements or changing language was a pain.

So, now this site is written and rendered using Jekyll. To add a new page all I need to do now is to create a markdown file and start writing what really matters. All posts and pages will also be hosted on GitHub, so if you want to add a home page for your town or yourself, or anything related to our server, feel free to send a pull request to the repo. Your content will be added to this website after I process it.

There are rules as of where the files should be and how the front matter should be written to accommodate the custom template I use, but since this site is still under development and I don’t have the time for now to document these stuff, so it may be better for you to just send me the content and let me deal with the rest :) You can contact me in game or in discord or on GitHub.